Privacy Policy

At Access-Card®, we respect the privacy of your personal information that is in our care. Personal information means, information which identifies you as an individual or from which your identity can be reasonably ascertained. This Privacy Policy relates to personal information we collect and handle about you as our customers, visitors to our website, apps, social media and other digital services and members of the public. Our team members and job applicants can contact our human resources team for details about the privacy of their personal information. Access-Card®, and Access-Card® International, companies do not sell personal data. In order to provide goods and services to you, we share personal data with trusted operational suppliers within the Laws of Latvia and the European Union. Again, these companies do not sell your personal data and they are contractually prevented from doing so. Further, all companies with whom we share data can use the data only for these contractually agreed purposes and must handle the data in a confidential and secure manner in accordance with European Union Laws of privacy legislation.

Types of personal information collected

The types of personal information we collect includes name, contact details, identification information, household details, payment and transaction details/history (including information about payment cards linked to Access-Card® and associated transactions), details regarding participation in Access-Card®, and our other clubs and programs operated from time to time, records of your communications and interactions with us, and details/history of preferences, interests and behavior relating to transactions, products, services and activity with our digital services. We may not be able to provide our products or services, or make offers to you without your personal information. For example, we may not be able to ensure you are awarded Cash-Back, or points or deals, contact you or deliver your orders. Where you provide us with personal information about someone else you must have their consent to provide their personal information to us based on this Privacy Policy, How personal information is collected and held. We may collect your personal information in relation to your interactions and transactions with us and Access-Card® International and Access-Card® Holding ApS. companies. This includes: using your Access-Card® Mastercard® prepaid card or number or associated identifiers such as payment cards; making a purchase in store; placing an order online; making a non-cash payment; participating in a promotion, competition, or survey; registering for services; using related digital services. We may monitor and record your communications with us (including email and telephone) for security, dispute resolution, and training purposes, and we also operate video and audio surveillance devices in our premises. We may also collect personal information from third parties including public sources, information service providers, providers who administer Access-Card®, -branded products and services such as payment cards and insurance, anyone authorized to act on your behalf, and other Access-Card® Holding ApS. companies including Access-Card® International. We hold personal information electronically and in hard copy form, both at our own premises and with the assistance of our service providers. We implement a range of measures to protect the security of that personal information. We also take measures in respect of destroying or de-identifying personal information that is no longer needed for any lawful purpose.

Purposes for handling personal information

We handle your personal information in connection with providing, administering, improving and personalizing our products and services. This can include processing payments, delivering orders, managing promotions, providing refunds and discounts, verifying your identity, communicating with you (including direct marketing), conducting product and market research, maintaining and updating our records, dealing with enquiries from you, and working with our service providers and other Access-Card® Holding ApS. companies. Using personal information, we endeavor to improve our understanding of your interests, suitability and behavior in relation to products, services and offers, including conducting risk assessments for financial products (including credit and insurance). We may also handle your personal information to protect our lawful interests and facilitate purchases and potential purchases of our businesses. We may provide marketing communications and targeted advertising to you on an ongoing basis by telephone, electronic messages (eg. email), our digital services and other means. These communications may relate to the products and services we, and other Access-Card® Holding ApS. companies provide, and other products which may be of interest to you. You can send us an email:

Sharing of personal information

To make it easy for you to deal with other Access-Card® Holding ApS. companies (including Access-Card® International) and provide you with a more personal and consistent experience, we may exchange and combine personal information with them for the purposes described in our respective privacy policies. We and Access-Card® Holding ApS. may exchange your personal information with service providers engaged to assist with services including data processing, data analysis, information broking, credit reporting, online computing, printing, contact management, legal, accounting, business consulting, marketing, research, auditing, archival, delivery, security, investigation and mailing services, and in the provision of Access-Card®, -branded products and services such as payment cards and insurance. The third parties to whom we disclose personal information may be located in outside Europe. We take steps to ensure that our service providers are obliged to protect the privacy and security of your personal information and use it only for the purpose for which it is disclosed.

Digital services

We provide information and services through a range of digital and online services including websites (e.g. apps, email, online advertisements, IPTV and social media profiles. These services may be operated by us, other Access-Card® Holding ApS and Access-Card® International program participants to provide a consistent experience, personalize your use of each of those services and provide targeted marketing. Access-Card®, International may use “cookies”. A cookie is a piece of information that allows the server to identify and interact more effectively with your device. The cookie assists us in maintaining the continuity of your browsing session (e.g. to maintain a shopping cart) and remembering your details and preferences when you return. Other technologies that may be used with Access-Card® International include web beacons (which may operate in conjunction with cookies), Flash local stored objects and JavaScript. Some of these cookies and other technologies are consistent across various Access-Card® International, allowing us and the other providers of these services to understand you better and provide a more consistent experience across these services. You can configure your web browser to reject and delete cookies and block JavaScript but you may find some parts of Access-Card® International then have limited functionality. Our systems record a variety of information in relation to interactions with our online services. This can include information about software versions used, device identifiers (like IP address), location data (where available and not disabled by the user), dates, times, file metadata, referring website, data entered and user activity such as links clicked. In some cases third parties may use cookies and other technologies such as those described above as part of Access-Card® International, These technologies may be used in connection with activities like surveys, online behavioral advertising, website analytics and email campaign management. The services we may use from time to time include Google Analytics, Google Display Network, Google AdSense, DoubleClick, Yahoo, Adobe, Campaign Manager and Microsoft. You can find more details in the privacy policies for those services (e.g. Google’s Ads Preferences Manager), including information on how to opt-out of certain conduct. Bear in mind, you may need to opt-out separately from each service. The website also allows you to opt-out of some online behavioral advertising and provides further information about how online behavioral advertising works. You can contact us to request further details of the services we use. Many of these services operate without collecting or using any personal information. Some information we collect in relation to Access-Card®, is not related an individual. In many cases the information only relates to a device or is of an aggregated or statistical nature, and we will have no way of knowing the identity of the user. In other cases we may associate information about your use of Access-Card® International Web-sites over time with your personal information, e.g. where on any occasion you have logged in, followed a link sent to you by email or we have otherwise been able to identify you. We are constantly developing and enhancing our use of online technologies, and make reasonable efforts to ensure we keep this Privacy Policy and related documents up to date in this regard. Please check back when you return to use our online services to ensure you are familiar with our current practices. Our online services may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or policies of those sites and recommend that you review their privacy policies.

Procedures for access, correction and feedback

If you wish to access or correct any personal information we hold about you or have any feedback or concerns about privacy, please contact us as set out below. Where you seek a response from us, we will let you know who will be handling your matter and when you can expect a full response. In the case of access and correction requests, please provide as much detail as you can about the particular information you seek, in order to help us retrieve it. Under the Privacy Act and other relevant laws, we are required to provide our reasons if we refuse your request. Where we decide not to make a requested correction and you disagree, you may ask us to make a note of your requested correction with the information.

Additional privacy information

In addition to this Privacy Policy, many Access-Card® Holding ApS and Access-Card®,International SIA, companies and brands have their own privacy statements and other terms which provide further information about your privacy, e.g. Access-Card®, Insurance and Access-Card® Mastercard® prepaid. Please see the relevant material relating to those products and services for details, including where those Access-Card®, -branded products and services are provided by or with third parties who may collect your personal information.


Any complaints will be handled by our Customer Service team in accordance with the relevant national legislation. In the unlikely event that we cannot resolve the matter, please refer to for additional assistance and information on online dispute resolution.


Queries regarding privacy should be directed to the Coles Privacy Officer:
Access-Card® International SIA. Email: info (at) Post: Baznicas Street 20/22-40, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia Last updated: February 2016

Access-Card® International SIA companies is a part of Access-Card® Holding ApS. Registered in Copenhagen Denmark, company number cvr: 36 93 45 81, Address: Strandvejen 102E, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark.

The Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) Policy of Access-Card International

It is the policy of Access-Card International and its affiliates, (hereinafter “Access-Card”) to prohibit and actively pursue the prevention of money laundering and any activity that facilitates money laundering or the funding of terrorist or criminal activities, and as such to follow the standards of the Anti-Money-Laundering and Combating of Terrorism Financing (hereinafter referred to as AML) procedures according to EU directive.

To ensure that this general policy is carried out, management of Access-Card has established and maintains an ongoing program for the purpose of assuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and the prevention of money laundering.

Access-Card International SIA is an online European Union based Mastercard Prepaid program manager, with physical address in Riga, Latvia, and registered at the national registrar of commerce in Riga, Registration Number 40103954527, and although Access-Card is not considered a financial company under the Law, we work under our card issuer WaveCrest LLC Financial license, WaveCrest LLC is registered in Gibraltar. Access-Card does however accept to abide by AML rules and practices found in the financial industry and according to EU directives like 2005/60/EC, including but not limited to the Due Diligence and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies.

Due Diligence

Access-Card is obliged to perform customer’s due diligence whenever it is required to identify the customer and throughout the duration of the business relationship with the customer. The due diligence includes the following:

– Collection of information to establish purpose and intent for the business relationship
– Identification of the ultimate beneficial owner
– Collection of information necessary for ongoing monitoring of business relationship, including scrutiny of transactions undertaken, throughout the course of the relationship, to ensure that the transactions being conducted are consistent with knowledge of the customer and his/her business and risk profile.
– Examination of the sources of funds in the transaction.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering, can be defined as the kind of process in which lawbreakers attempt to disguise the true origin of proceeds generated through criminal conduct, with the intent to avoid prosecution and conviction as well as the risk of confiscating of money or other wrongfully obtained funds. At Access-Card, we are determined to prevent our services from being used by any forms of illegal activities, and will report any suspicious activity accordingly, and to the relevant section of authorities.


As with money laundering, Access-Card will report to the relevant authorities any activities suspected to be connected to the funding of terrorism.